• Background Investigations


    Background Investigations

    RCI Background Investigations Service

    A full background check will be able to determine an individual’s social security number, telephone numbers, address history, criminal history records, credit checks, date of birth verification; bankruptcies, liens, judgments, properties, corporate affiliations, drivers license information, vehicle information, traffic information, motor vehicles registered, accidents and much more. We can go above and beyond to conduct interviews with your subjects former landlords, determine employment status, and determine why they left their previous residence and employment and under what conditions if needed.

    Who are your employees?  Are they a threat to your business? A resume could look impressive and an applicant might seem perfect in an interview, but according to business.com, up to 53% of applicants list falsities on their resume or interview. Validating a potential employee’s skills or experience can help save you time from attempting to train someone who simply has no experience to build upon. Applicants may also be lying about previous salaries in order to get you to make a higher offer. RCI can assist in the following areas to set your mind at ease in considering accepting a potential employee, business partner or investment opportunity:

    • To look into the background and lives of prospective employees to be sure that they have no history that the prospective employer should be concerned about.
    • To look into the lives of prospective tenants before renting properties out to them.

    Is your partner who he or she claims to be? Do there financials match up with what they say?  Are you worried about your future in-laws? Are you considering hiring a nanny or child care provider? RCI can set your mind at ease with your most priced possession….you children.

    •  To look up on seemingly cheating or unfaithful spouses to determine in order to confirm or disprove your suspicions discreetly and with complete confidentiality.
    • To look into the background and lives of a prospective aupair to be sure that they have no negative background or employment history that a parent should be concerned about.

    RCI provides complete background investigations for corporations, law firms, landlords and individuals for pre-marital, financial, employment and personal considerations. Our staff is here to help solve problems and shed light into confusing situations and to eliminate the potential of loss if a through background check had not been conducted to uncover negative circumstances in the person you are considering for the position offered.

    A background check will help you confirm or disprove any suspicions you may have about an individual or business, as well as eliminating the risks that come from involving yourself with someone that is not in your best interest.


    Background Check Services

    Background Check Services

    Background investigations can cover a wide range of information. Typically, we advise against “general background” or “internet background” checks. These types of checks generally provide limited or bulk information, which doesn’t help answer your questions and most likely could be out of date information. Our staff can hone in on your questions, and get you specific answers. This is both a more cost-efficient and a highly effective way to conduct these types of investigations.

    Commonly requested types of investigations:

    • Criminal conviction check
    • Civil check
    • Previous marriage
    • Divorce check
    • Past employment
    • Current employment
    • Verification of schooling
    • Job license verification

    Who could benefit from using a background check?

    Background Investigations

    • Parents seeking to hire a nanny or housekeeper
    • Employers hiring new employees or suspect wrong doing on an existing employee
    • People checking on a potential boyfriend or girlfriend, potential business partner or investment opportunity
    • People seeking a roommate or live-in nurses

    Feel free to contact the staff at RCI to discuss any concern you may have in regard to hiring potential employees or if you feel there is more information needed on a person currently employed.

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 21 reviews
by Ms. Walli on blog
Top Notch, Effective Process Service

I was referred to Anthony DiMario by another process server who did not operate in my area. For weeks, I had been trying to serve a time-sensitive mandatory notice on a pair of elusive tenants. RCI was attentive and responsive to the specific nature of my request. Anthony skillfully stepped in and, within the first 24 hours (on a weekend, too), delivered the utmost professional results. Thanks for helping to remove the worry of missing a deadline! I highly recommend this company for their efficiency, effectiveness and integrity.

by Michael Rosofsky - Attorney at Law (443) 275-0506 on blog
Best Service & Reasonable prices!

Best in the business and reasonable prices too.

by Jeremiah Arbogast on blog
Baltimore's Best!

Always a pleasure to do business with. We work together to get out of area Service of Process completed professionally.

by Souza LLC on blog
Nobody is Better

RCI is easily the best process service that we have used in the last 10 years. Fast, reliable and competitively priced. Thanks a million!!

by Linda F. Burgos on blog
Excellent Service & Rates

I am very happy with the fast and professional service, and reasonable rates provided by the staff at RCI.

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