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    Insurance Investigations

    Insurance Investigations:

    In the world of investigations, the difference between a good investigator and a great investigator is often measured by their ability to conduct true, covert surveillance without being compromised. In the business, we call this “getting burned”. Not getting burned is the mark of someone who truly understands the craft of surveillance. Covert surveillance is an art just like any other.

    Positioning, equipment, intelligence, and undetected movement all fold into a successful surveillance or stakeout. However, the craft of surveillance is far from the TV show example of simply sitting in the back of a van with a camera across the street, it’s much more than that.

    True practitioners must know how to first obtain intelligence on their subject, then wait patiently for the opportunity. They must get on foot when needed, utilize different technology at every angle, and blend into their surroundings in any environment. Justice Solutions Group agents are some of the best in the business when it comes to the trade craft of surveillance, and our agents are dedicated to the practice. From years of undercover law enforcement and covert military experience, our agents have years of experience and technical equipment and expertise needed to get the photo and video evidence needed in any situation.

    Some of the ways surveillance agents and
    evidence can be used are:

    Infidelity and Cheating Spouse Investigations
    Child Support and Child Custody Cases
    Corporate Theft or AOE/COE Investigations

    Cohabitation Investigations
    Covert Video of Plaintiff for Trial
    And Much More

    Private Mortgage Insurance Fraud

    Mortgage insurance fraud occurs whenever a property owner or other individual participates in a scheme to avoid repayment of a mortgage that is backed by government or private insurance. Examples may include:

    • Making misleading statements about income, employment, or assets on a loan application for mortgage and/or an application for mortgage insurance.

    • Short sale fraud: PMI pays when a home is sold for less than is owed in a short sale. Short sale fraud can occur when a lender approves a sale of a home for less than the mortgage balance based on a misrepresentation of the property’s value.

    • Appraisal fraud: The value of a property is deliberately overstated so a borrower can obtain more money from a mortgage lender than the property is worth. The home ends up in foreclosure and the mortgage insurer ends up paying when the homeowner walks away.

    Workers Compensation Fraud 

    Workers’ compensation fraud occurs when someone willfully makes a false statement or conceals information in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits or prevents someone from receiving benefits to which they might be entitled.RCI investigators may be able to assist with the following services:

    • Surveillance – Investigators may use audio, video, and other types of surveillance to determine whether an individual worker is as injured as they claim.
    • Interviews and research – Workers compensation investigators may interview colleagues, friends, family, and other individuals to learn whether there is an issue of fraud and, if so, how great.
    • Background checks and records research – An investigation into worker’s compensation fraud may include checking medical records, employment records, and other records. Private investigators may also run background checks to see whether a worker has filed numerous compensation claims in the past or if the company has a history of misclassifying employees.
    • Evidence gathering – Workers compensation investigators can gather evidence if they uncover workers compensation insurance investigations fraud. This can help employers and businesses prosecute fraud and cut off workers compensation claims that are not legitimate.

    Life & Health Care Insurance Fraud & Insurance Investigations

    An insurance fraud investigation is a type of fraud investigation that centers around attempts to benefit from deceitful claims. Seeking compensation for false or inflated claims is illegal, dangerous, and raises the price of insurance investigations for everyone.

    According to the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, an estimated $80 billion is paid out annually in fraudulent insurance claims. This leads to the average household paying around $950 each year in higher premiums. In addition, being held liable in a staged accident can increase your risk of being sued.

    The prevalence of this type of fraud has resulted in insurance investigations companies acting with caution when paying claims, meaning you may need professional help when making your claim. RCIs’ insurance fraud investigation aids by revealing false claims. Don’t let your insurance premiums be a waste of money; use a RCI private investigator to safeguard your insurance privileges.

    There are several methods used to find information in an insurance investigations fraud. Most are used to determine whether claims are true or false. Here are a few commonly used techniques:

    Surveillance to verify the claim
    Medical reports/history search
    Previous claims/accidents search
    Insurance Investigations & Insurance coverage analysis
    Witness interviews
    Physician’s billing search and analysis
    Claimant background check

    Automobile Insurance Fraud & Insurance Investigations

    Fraudulent behavior falls into two categories. Hard insurance fraud refers to claims that are completely fabricated. Soft insurance fraud is when someone has a legitimate claim but inflates the value to make a profit.

    Insurance investigations covers a wide range of schemes and crimes. Fraudsters file false claims for:

    • Burglary and theft
    • Vehicle damage
    • Arson
    • Water damage
    • Personal injury
    • Loss of life
    • Health care and prescription costs


    From simply falsifying claims to engaging in mail fraud, identity theft, and forgery, fraudsters are always finding new ways to pull off their scams.

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by T . B on blog
Awesome service and very professional!

I utilized Tony @ RCI for service of process and I have to say I was very impressed by his professionalism and incredible flexibility. It look longer than I estimated due to the defendant avoiding service, but he was very patient and made sure the summons got served that same day once the court approved the alternative service request. He is also very pleasant and knowledgeable. I really appreciate his help and recommend him.

by Richard Lebovitz - Attorney At Law on blog
Call RCI!

RCI is very professional and reliable. I use them for all my service of process needs. I highly recommend them to any law firm who is not currently satisfied with some of their competitors.

by John Peter on blog
Very Satisfied.

Good company to work with.

by Robert Stegman - The Killian Law Group on blog
RCI is Amazing!

I have been in the legal profession for over 10 years and RCI is by far the best process server that I have worked with! Tony is always available to answer any questions or concerns. If he is out in the field serving summons himself, he always gets back to me within 2-3 hours. He stops by the office and delivers the signed Affidavits of Service. He notifies me of any issues that come up as soon as it comes to his or the servers’ attention. A perfect example of RCI’s stellar service is that I handed Tony 23 summons on a Friday morning. On Monday morning, he stopped by my office to deliver 20 Affidavits of Service. His amazing team served 20 out of 23 summons in 2.5 days! I don’t know of anyone else that can produce that type of result! When Tony is “on vacation,” he’s not really on vacation! He makes it well known that even if he’s on the other side of the world, absolutely nothing will change! Services were still effectuated and he was still in constant contact with me with any questions or issues! As the only litigation paralegal in a firm that has 400-500 files in litigation at any given time, Tony and RCI has made my job and my life so much easier!

by Kyriakos P. Marudas - Attorney at Law on blog
RCI Recommendation

Very responsive and professional servers

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