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  • Should I Use A VPN Network http://rci-process.com/?p=1

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    Cost of Fraud When we think of on-the-job fraud, we tend to think in extremes. One extreme is the teenage punk with orange hair and a nose ring, and he’s stealing cash out of the register or letting his friends have free chips and soda. The other [...]

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    Private Investigations on Indian Reservations

    Investigations on Indian Reservations With over 300 Indian Reservations throughout the US, it’s probable that at one time or another, you might need to attempt service on an individual who resides within an Indian Reservation. It is [...]

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    Internet Dating Investigation http://rci-process.com/?p=855

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    Time Card Fraud Time card fraud means a loss of revenue for a company, just the same as if an employee steals a cash register full of dollar bills. Almost 45 percent of hourly workers have admitted to fudging the hours they work, and an astounding [...]

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    4 GPS Tracker Tips  When it comes to using a GPS tracker in domestic investigations these 4 GPS tracker tips for private investigators are essential: Tip #1 – Know the law This first tip is obviously the most important. As a professional [...]

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    Process Servers Dealing With Police

    Process Servers Dealing As a process server, there is the chance a subject will say they are going to call the police. Here are several potential situations you may run into and how to deal with them. This information is originally from the [...]

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    Reasons Mothers Can Lose Custody of a Child http://rci-process.com/?p=862

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    Accident Investigations: Determining Speed Using Drag

    Accident Investigations The term “Drag Factor” is not mentioned in engineering mechanics or physics books but it is invaluable when investigating traffic accidents. Drag Factor is the deceleration coefficient for an entire vehicle. The [...]

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    Use of Deceptive Practices http://rci-process.com/?p=860

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    • Jordache Copyright & Trademark Infringement Case Featured On ’60 Minutes’ Circa 1983
    • Criminal Defense Investigation “Lynell Geter’ Featured Featured On ’60 Minutes’ Circa 1985
    • A True Life “Hart to Hart” Article Featured In ‘Parade Magazine’ Circa 1985
    • Asset Location Specialists Article Featured In the ‘London Financial Times’, Circa 1992

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 14 reviews
by T . B on blog
Awesome service and very professional!

I utilized Tony @ RCI for service of process and I have to say I was very impressed by his professionalism and incredible flexibility. It look longer than I estimated due to the defendant avoiding service, but he was very patient and made sure the summons got served that same day once the court approved the alternative service request. He is also very pleasant and knowledgeable. I really appreciate his help and recommend him.

by Richard Lebovitz - Attorney At Law on blog
Call RCI!

RCI is very professional and reliable. I use them for all my service of process needs. I highly recommend them to any law firm who is not currently satisfied with some of their competitors.

by John Peter on blog
Very Satisfied.

Good company to work with.

by Robert Stegman - The Killian Law Group on blog
RCI is Amazing!

I have been in the legal profession for over 10 years and RCI is by far the best process server that I have worked with! Tony is always available to answer any questions or concerns. If he is out in the field serving summons himself, he always gets back to me within 2-3 hours. He stops by the office and delivers the signed Affidavits of Service. He notifies me of any issues that come up as soon as it comes to his or the servers’ attention. A perfect example of RCI’s stellar service is that I handed Tony 23 summons on a Friday morning. On Monday morning, he stopped by my office to deliver 20 Affidavits of Service. His amazing team served 20 out of 23 summons in 2.5 days! I don’t know of anyone else that can produce that type of result! When Tony is “on vacation,” he’s not really on vacation! He makes it well known that even if he’s on the other side of the world, absolutely nothing will change! Services were still effectuated and he was still in constant contact with me with any questions or issues! As the only litigation paralegal in a firm that has 400-500 files in litigation at any given time, Tony and RCI has made my job and my life so much easier!

by Kyriakos P. Marudas - Attorney at Law on blog
RCI Recommendation

Very responsive and professional servers

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