• Formal Convention Treaty Process Services

  • Formal Convention Treaty Process Services

    Formal Convention Treaty Process Services

    Most foreign countries either participate via the Hague Service Convention, Inter-American Convention or Letters Rogatory in order to obtain a formal method of process service from legal actions initiated from inside the United States. This means that a request from a court in the United States to a court in a foreign country is requesting international judicial assistance related to service of process. These treaties governs this method of service. If you anticipate attaching assets in ANY foreign country upon being granted judgment in your case, you should strongly consider this procedure. The use of this method is NOT recommended by the U.S. State Department, unless attachment of assets will be necessary after obtaining a Judgment, or as a strict requirement by the country in which service is being contemplated, given the habitual time delays. Treaty service can often take 4-20 months or more to effect. Currently some countries have a typical turnaround time of approximately 5-7 months.

    Service through any of these methods usually requires 7 pages of treaty documents. All documents to be served, including the 7 pages of treaty documents, must be translated into the native language of the accepting country.

    In order to prepare the necessary documents and facilitate the service, we require the following:

    1. Three (3) complete and legible sets of the documents to be served;
    2. Name of the judge (in originating jurisdiction) who will be signing the request;
    3. Name, address and telephone number of the court (your court);
    4. Name, address and phone number (if known) of the entity being served;
    5. Name, address and phone number of the plaintiff for who service is being requested;
    6. Process Fee (which varies from country-to-country) plus U.S. Embassy Fee ($2275.00). Advance fees are due in advance prior to accepting the assignment.
    7. Translation of all documents. If we are to provide the mandatory translation, we will bill you for the translation fee at the rate of $.68 per word.
      Translation fees are payable prior to commencement of service once we have reviewed the documents and have calculated the word count.

    Advantage: In effect, creates a case in the country where the documents are served and makes judgment enforceable.

    Disadvantage: Serious time delays and costs. Treaty service can often take 4-10 months or more to effect.

    Formal Convention Treaty Process Services

    What we will need to get it served:

    International Service of Process in Foreign Countries

    • If sending via email: a PDF version of the service documents combined into one (1) file. We will bill you for the additional copies at the rate of $.22 per page.
    • If sending via FedEx, mail, or similar: three (3) copies of the documents to be served.
      (Note: all 3 sets can be copies; original documents are not required)
    • A letter of instructions advising us the defendant’s name, service address, and requested method of service (i.e. formal or informal).
    • Payment for the entire service fees in U.S. dollars in the amount quoted at the time of your request.
    • We will bill you separate for the translation costs, prior to initiating service.

    DECLARATION OF SERVICE: We provide formal declarations on the status of service upon request, as required by your court, at no additional charge. We subscribe to the U.S. Department of State weekly up-dates on international service of process and the Central Intelligence Agency briefings on social conditions abroad and monitor problems in nations that might affect the completion of the service. Estimated time for completion of service is subject to change depending on current conditions.

    Rates vary from country-to-country, dependent upon many factors, and change based upon the area and foreign conditions of that area at the time service is requested. It is impossible to list all pricing for all areas in one website, so we suggest that  you contact our office at the time your need this service for us to be able to provide the best quote possible at that time.

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 14 reviews
by T . B on blog
Awesome service and very professional!

I utilized Tony @ RCI for service of process and I have to say I was very impressed by his professionalism and incredible flexibility. It look longer than I estimated due to the defendant avoiding service, but he was very patient and made sure the summons got served that same day once the court approved the alternative service request. He is also very pleasant and knowledgeable. I really appreciate his help and recommend him.

by Richard Lebovitz - Attorney At Law on blog
Call RCI!

RCI is very professional and reliable. I use them for all my service of process needs. I highly recommend them to any law firm who is not currently satisfied with some of their competitors.

by John Peter on blog
Very Satisfied.

Good company to work with.

by Robert Stegman - The Killian Law Group on blog
RCI is Amazing!

I have been in the legal profession for over 10 years and RCI is by far the best process server that I have worked with! Tony is always available to answer any questions or concerns. If he is out in the field serving summons himself, he always gets back to me within 2-3 hours. He stops by the office and delivers the signed Affidavits of Service. He notifies me of any issues that come up as soon as it comes to his or the servers’ attention. A perfect example of RCI’s stellar service is that I handed Tony 23 summons on a Friday morning. On Monday morning, he stopped by my office to deliver 20 Affidavits of Service. His amazing team served 20 out of 23 summons in 2.5 days! I don’t know of anyone else that can produce that type of result! When Tony is “on vacation,” he’s not really on vacation! He makes it well known that even if he’s on the other side of the world, absolutely nothing will change! Services were still effectuated and he was still in constant contact with me with any questions or issues! As the only litigation paralegal in a firm that has 400-500 files in litigation at any given time, Tony and RCI has made my job and my life so much easier!

by Kyriakos P. Marudas - Attorney at Law on blog
RCI Recommendation

Very responsive and professional servers

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