• What is a Premarital Background Check?

  • Premarital Background Check?

    A premarital background check (also known as a premarital investigation, typically involves locating and reviewing personal, professional, and financial information on the subject of the investigation. The depth and breadth of the premarital background check will vary depending on the particular concerns of the client and local information disclosure laws, and what is discovered about the subject of the investigation.
    Why do a pre-marital Background check?
    A pre-marital investigation might be a hard decision, it ensures that the marriage is not doomed even before it commences. It also protects you against marriage scams, destroyed reputation and other worries.
    A pre-marital investigation can look like an uncomfortable thing, but in reality, it is carried out by undercover investigators and no one except you will know it has ever happened. That is why it is important to run a pre-marital investigation before marriage. It is not a sign of paranoia or not loving your fiancée – it is a sign that you care about your future together, as a family.
    What do we check?
    From checking boy/girl’s job, affair, litigation cases, disability, debt, education, drinking habits to family’s social reputation, social standing, financial standing, conduct etc.
    What other things can a pre-marital investigation uncover?
    • Children from previous marriages – or children born out of wedlock.
    • A criminal history.
    • A history of substance abuse.
    • A history of failed marriages and divorces. Be especially wary if in each of these divorces your fiancé has ended up with a large part of her spouse’s property.
    • A history of serious mental or physical illnesses
    • Bad employment history.
    • A history of criminal offences, substance abuse, genetic disease and suchlike in her.
    What is the cost?
    So the only thing that can prevent you from enacting a pre-marital investigation is the cost of hiring an undercover investigator – but even if you hire the most expensive one available, it’s still less than what you will pay if the marriage ends up in divorce or turns out to be a scam.

    When you MUST conduct a pre-marital investigation?
    A pre-marital investigation is always a good idea. However, there are several factors which make a pre-marital investigation absolutely compulsory:
    • A large disparity of age between fiancées
    • Suspicions of insincere motives of your fiancée
    • One of the fiancés refuses to introduce the other to her family or friends
    A brief period of acquaintance before the marriage
    • A known criminal history of one of the fiancées
    • A large disparity of income between fiancées
    • Several failed marriages of one of the fiancées

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